• Bootcamp


    charge your day
  • Indoor Cycling

    Indoor Cycling

    endurance & stretch
  • Pilates


    core strength & lengthen
  • indoor cycling

    indoor cycling

    endurance & stretch
  • Tabata


    charge your day
  • muscle fusion

    muscle fusion

    endurance & strength
  • Barre Fusion

    Barre Fusion

    elongate, decompress & stretch
  • interval training

    interval training

    challenge yourself

Kristie Forni, Owner

My love for health & fitness encourages me and makes it my priority to help you meet your own individual goals as we make fitness a part of your everyday routine.  I take pride in what I do as there is nothing more rewarding than helping others meet their individual / specific goals for a happy, healthier lifestyle.

We offer different levels of classes to meet your level of fitness, expertise, and goals.

  • BURN30

    Starting Wednesday November 7th!
    8:30-9:00 am

    B uns (10 min)
    U upper body (10 min)
    R ev up metabolism (6 min cardio -HIIT)
    N amaste (relax and stretch 4 min)

    “Micro” workouts are hot right now! Need an express class..this will do it. Workout smarter during this 30 minute class to make it super effective! Put this class on your calendar and jump into kickboxing or 20/20/20 after. A great class to double up with others .

    ♦️10 minute glute burn - wake up those flutes to jump start your workout.

    ♦️ 10 minute upper body burn - 10 minutes of very effective upper body strength training that allows you to hit all of the upper body muscles in a short period of time .

    ♦️ 6 minute HIIT/ Cardio - extreme 6 minutes- no equipment- all you’ve got cardio!

    ♦️ 4 minute “stretch and relax” - breathing brings oxygen to your muscles while stretching. Holding stretches gets the most out of the stretching portion.

  • Full Body Bootcamp

    Looking for a workout that will burn maximum calories in minimal time, this is it. This hour long class gives you results and fast; you will wonder why you never tried Bootcamp before! Burn, sweat, and strengthen as we combine calorie-burning cardio drills with muscle- confusion exercises that will motivate you to work harder than ever! All fitness levels welcome.

  • Muscle Fusion

    This muscle endurance class is 45 minutes using weights, resistance bands, body bars, medicine balls and your bodyweight. It is a full body sculpting and strengthening class. No cardio. You will sweat sculpting and toning your way through 45 minutes.

  • Cardio Combo & Sculpt

    The purpose of this class is to get your heart rate up, burn some calories, and then tone your muscles. This program combines cardio & strength training a little bit of Tabata as well. Be prepared to burn calories, improve your heart rate and get stronger. This class can be as challenging as you want it and can be adjusted for beginner and advanced levels of fitness.

  • Cardio Kickboxing

    Kick , sweat & pump your way to a fitter you! An action-packed workout that combines a series of punching and kicking combinations that improve strength, muscle tone and endurance. It's an intense workout for the participant who wants a challenge. This class is 45 minutes.

  • Battle Rope Interval

    For those who do not know, HIIT stands for High-Intensity Interval Training, and the fat burning battle ropes HIIT workout is a sure fire way to strip fat off! These workouts are designed to work every muscle in your body to output maximum force and peak your heart rate as you create and transfer power through motion.

  • Muscle Fusion Express

    This 30 minute class will tone and strengthen your entire body. You will use dumbells, discs, body bars, resistance bands and more to build muscle and burn fat.

  • Core Fusion

    This 30 minute class is designed to target your core working all aspects of the abs and back, sculpting your abs into shape and strengthening your core. This is a key component to your overall strength and to enhance performance.

  • Cycle Zone

    Get in, get sweaty, get on with your day! This 45-minute cycling class is specially designed to maximize calorie burn with minimum time. Get our classic 45-minute RIDE with hills, sprints and endurance with a twist. Enjoy a your ride to your favorite artists, genres and decades. All fitness levels welcome.

  • Cycle & Core

    This is an hour class. Your abs and lower back are the vital foundation from which all movement, including the pedal stroke, stems. Build a stable core with about 35-40 minutes of cycling followed by killer core conditioning. Feel Free to stay for just the ride or both! All fitness levels welcome.

  • Cycle & Sculpt

    This hour class is a great combination of cycle and strength. Two workouts that compliment the body perfectly in one action-packed hour. Get a strong cardiovascular workout on the bike & strength training for the perfect combo class. Some classes you will cycle for 30 minutes and then out in the group ex room strength training for 30. Some classes you will combine the two on the bike for the hour in the cycle room. This class is a great way to switch up cardio & strength!

  • Cycle Express

    This 30 minute cycle class will give you a sweaty, cardiovascular ride, pedaling to the beat of the music and leaning out that body. Start your weekend off right.

  • Tabata Box and Pump

    This hour class is a great combination of Tabata circuits, boxing intervals, cardio intervals and Strength.  This workout compliments the body perfectly in one action-packed hour. Get a strong cardiovascular workout on the bags & strength training for the perfect combo class. Get extra sweaty with us!

  • Tabata

    This class is one hour. Tabata workouts are loved for its unapralleled fat-torching abilities and simplicity. You perform each move for 20 seconds at an all out effort followed by a 10 second rest. It is repeated eight times total within a circuit. Tabata shreds fat, boosts metabolism, increases endurance, builds muscle, and increases core strength all in one class.

  • Barre Fusion

    This 45 minute class has all the benefits of a barre workout with a twist! While intensifying fat burn and building lean muscle mass , you will be using the barre and sculpting your body with weights. All fitness levels welcome.

  • Inferno Pilates

    Using Pilates prin­ci­ples, Inferno Hot Pilates is a an exercise format used to strengthen muscles, increase flexibility and improve overall health. Hot pilates uses pilates principles as well as HIIT training as well as some tabata training circuits. Exercises are performed on a mat. This format is to target every part of the body and applications for every kind of activity.

  • TRX & Kettle Bell Interval

    This effective tool is a great way to get someone sweating in a short period of time. This class is creative with these iron weighted kettlebells to perform lifts and rows with proper form and super effective circuits. Incorporating TRX is allowing you to get a full body strength workout in this power hour.

  • Personal Training

    Personal training is led by certified and experienced trainers that instruct, and motivate individuals or small groups in cardiovascular exercises (exercises for the heart and blood system), strength training, and stretching. They work with people of all ages and skill levels.  Their mission is to help you reach your individual goals.

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